Spring forward

The only bit of spring around these parts is in a vase...

We are back into snow. Grrrr. The little kids driving vacation has turned into a flying vacation. Flexibility is key when travelling. 

Serena is less than impressed with the weather, hence resting bitch face....

I'm looking for ways to bring a touch of spring into my house. 

I need a new rug for my office and I'm very drawn to pink these days. I'm kind of loving this one...

I also want to add a blue and white pot planter to my collection to house tulip and hyacinth plants. As I age, I'm becoming a fan of planted flowers rather than cut ones. I think this one is quite fetching...

What are you doing to springify your house? Are you enjoying nice weather or grumpily putting on winter boots yet again?



  1. I wish my resting bitch face was like hers. I had planted spring bulbs in January and now I am so glad I did as the ones outside of the house are sprouting. Plus I did sort my bedroom out in a nod to spring!

    1. She has perfected RBF for sure. I think it's because she won so many Best Bitch competitions (wish I was on the dog show circuit!) I love the bulbs you had on IG. Gorgeous!! Next year I need to attempt this. xo

  2. That is one pink ass rug.. go for it! Serena looks lovely.

    1. It's a go pink or go home kind of rug, isn't it! Serena's her diva self... xo

  3. Beautiful.


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