Diamonds: Order from Chaos


Gems are a powerful reminder of how beauty can come out of tremendous chaos. Take diamonds, for example... (Yes, please!) Diamonds are formed when the carbon from organic and inorganic material is subjected to heat (900-1300 degrees celsius) and pressure (like, the weight of a continental plate.) They also tend to be found where a meteorite strike took place. They are brought to the surface through volcanic activity.

So in other words, one of the most beautiful things on earth comes from loss, pressure, and heat.

Sounds a little bit like life.

Have you seen the inside of a diamond? It's quite magical. The carbon atoms are arranged in a symmetrical series of tetrahedrons.

Out of all of that chaos comes perfect internal order. I find that incredibly hopeful. I believe that this life is part of a broader spiritual journey and our trials and setbacks provide the heat and pressure to morph us into something amazing.

After a diamond it sourced from the earth, it is cut into a shape with many facets, and then polished, polished, polished. I think that's the process we go through in midlife. In our early years we figure out our base material -- who, at our core, we are. Along the way, we experience heat and pressure and lose some of our edges. In midlife, we polish, to bring out our many facets.

For me, diamonds are a powerful reminder of the path we are on. When things seem particularly rough, they remind me that beauty from ashes is not just a promise, but a fact.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. I think that the way you describe midlife and the way we get there is very true indeed!

    1. Thanks! Have a great weekend! xo


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