Ears, eyes, and wizard hats

How have y'all been doing? Hanging in there? I always find the run up to spring such a long season. I cannot wait until Easter to put on my pretty spring dress and eat chocolate out in the open.

Elie Tahari Kaisa Dress in Neon Orchid

I need more Easter decorations. My few pieces are sweet but there are not enough of them. I need more of the bunnies and chicks!

After I saw these chicks at My Kentucky Living, I had to have them.
I found them in Sparta, Ontario! 

We've booked a fun little trip later in the year so I have something to plan and look forward to. This one will require a bit of a new wardrobe. I've never agreed with Thoreau that one must "beware of all enterprises that require new clothes." I love enterprises that require new clothes. Also, I like plumbing and access to good restaurants, so I suspect Thoreau and I would disagree on a number of fronts.

Miss Thing is on the mend. Her ear is starting to get better after her latest round of drugs. My eye is much better too. It's a miracle! I spent a beautiful Sunday in bed watching Britney Ever After, since the sun made my eyes sting. I thought Serena and I were going to have to head for Lourdes and she's getting too fat to fly. But both the vet and the eye doc say we are going to be just fine.

This is where we have been spending our time. We like to bring
Saint Louis along for company and to help us find good parking.

I went to a new age expo with a friend on Saturday in search of some gems. Why do so many alternative wellness people look so weird? There was one guy in Joseph's coat of many colours waving a dousing rod around with wild abandon, while his client looked terrified she might be struck in the eye. Another man billing himself as skilled in the art of prophesy appeared to be playing with his false teeth. It caused a credibility gap: why did he not predict that and go to a dentist?

Thankfully, I managed to find some wisdom among the wizard hats. I had a free angel card reading that was weirdly accurate, paired with some common sense advice. The woman who gave me the reading seemed normal. And by normal, I mean like me. Which is probably not that normal at all given that I regularly anthropomorphize not only my dog but my bags. In my defence, Saint Louis has a strong personality (and don't get me started on the Mlle Jumbo or Mme Wallet on Chain.)

I had a super great vegan lunch, which is something that is not a guarantee. I've been known to bust out of a yoga retreat and head towards a Cracker Barrel.

I hope my spiritual journey is not impeded by my shallowness, but I figure the Universe made me this way for a reason. Perhaps I can do a Crystal Reading collab with Brooks Brothers. Zac Posen is really more my style...

Keep on trucking, my friends.



  1. Even after all my years in Canada I can't think of Easter when there's still snow on the ground. Having said that, we had a lot of rain today, with more due, so I'm sure that pretty soon all will be brown, with little bits of green. Glad to hear that you and Serena are almost over your ailments.

    I have joined an 8-week weight loss/exercise programme! Not necessarily to lose weight, although I wouldn't mind a few pounds, but to get back into the swing of going to the gym (hadn't been back since before Christmas). Also, the gym I go to is normally rather high on testosterone, but it's mostly women that take part in this particular programme; I used to see them doing boot camps and think that it looked like fun. I have since amended my opinion - it's a whole lot different when you are actually doing the exercises! But the support and motivation are great so I'm hoping that it will stick this time. Plus it's nice to get to know more people in my little town, especially after hibernating all winter.

    1. Good for you on joining the program! I find signing up for something is good motivation. Otherwise, I'm prone to skip it. Hopefully you meet some nice people too. We have been getting rain rain and more rain. I want sunshine and flowers. Soon enough, I suppose. xo


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