Chakras for the Chanel Set

Inspired by Chanel

Thank you for your kind inquiries into my health. I was at the surgeon yesterday and the aftercare doctor ran a bunch of tests. They are simply not sure why my left eye is not healing. It looks normal - better than normal, due to the copious amount of drops going in. The prescription was etched in correctly. There is no damage to the back of the eye. The "flap" has healed correctly: there is no bubbling or moisture that got trapped. 

So it's a mystery. Like how the caramel got into the Caramilk bar.

The good news is that the doctor remains hopeful that the eye will simply heal on its own. I will not, in fact, end up like Crazy, One-Eyed Janine (the doctor, who is also watching The Handmaid's Tale, confirmed this.) I'm on a new regime of spendy drops - apparently they have their own financial assistance program - which will hopefully nudge things along.

And Serena is coming along well too. Her ears are good and her fur is growing back. Hope springs eternal!

I've been surrounding myself with crystals, have had a reiki treatment, and met with a holistic therapist. I've been having lots of salt baths. I'm strengthening the positive relationships in my life and walking away from the negative ones. It all feels very necessary. Perhaps this eye thing is a gift.

I've been preparing for an upcoming chakra crystal workshop I'm doing and making little crystal sets to sell.

Reminds one of the proverbial basket weaving, no?

I was first introduced to the chakra system when I started practicing yoga back in the late 1990s. I was a hardcore, logic-driven banker, and was only there for the exercise. All the talk about energy seemed a little woo woo.

But then life got me searching. I became captivated by the postmodernists and Metaphysics. I became a fan of Joseph Campbell, who I'd first encountered during my undergraduate degree in Classics. I became interested in Jung and qualified as a MBTI administrator. And I studied religions: Christianity and Buddhism in particular. And the same patterns continued to repeat themselves. Life is a mystery, suffering makes you stronger, there is beauty in everything, and we heal only when are ready.

For me, it all clicked when I saw a diagram explaining the chakra system in terms of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. As an MBA and former corporate trainer, Maslow, I got. I'm not certain where I first saw the comparison, but I suspect it was in Daniel Tomasulo's article, Maslow Revisited: The Hierarchy of Chakras?

For those of you new to Maslow, he was psychologist who, in 1943, postulated that good psychological health depends on the fulfillment of core human needs. I've drawn up a little chart to show you how it works: Maslow's needs are on the right-hand side.  You read from the bottom, up.

According to Maslow, human needs start with the most basic ones: shelter, water, food, and other physiological requirements. Once those needs were met, one moved up the pyramid. One needed to feel safe and feel a sense of belonging in one's community. One needed to feel loved and esteemed, with good relationships and purposeful work. Finally, at the top of the pyramid, one needed to feel self-actualization: the feeling one gets when reaching one's potential.

In his later years, Maslow added a level beyond self-actualization: self-transcendence. He defined this as "the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature, and to the cosmos." This ties into spirituality and connection and explains why people at the apex of their careers are not always happy. It is only through transcending the self and living for a higher purpose that happiness can be found.

The diagram shows how the chakra system closely mirrors Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I find a quick scan of the chakras is an excellent way to get in touch with one's feelings of well-being. When I feel unwell, I scan my body to see if I feel grounded and safe. Do I feel loved and accepted? Do I feel able to communicate my needs and find meaningful work? If anything feels out of balance, it provides a clue to changes I can make. For me, chakra crystals are an excellent reminder of all of the areas to check. They are not so much "magic rocks" as touchstones.

See, not so woo woo. One of the things I want to do is make some of the things that have helped me seem more accessible. I know a lot of people in the Cheever set who find a lot of these concepts "out there." I totally get it. That's where I was too. If they sold Chakra stones at Chanel, I'd have embraced them a whole lot earlier...

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to those of you who celebrate. For those of you for whom it's a hard day (Fertility Treatment on Mother's Day: I've been there...), try to engage in acts of self care.



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    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Happy Mother's Day to you too. xo

  2. You managed to summarise some big ideas in a few paragraphs! I think your eye thing was a blessing too to regroup and slowdown. You didn't even need that third eye Jen!n I gotta get back in yoga but it is so hard. I am taking salt baths every day. I switch between pure magnesium flakes, epsom, and himalayan. My husband is now such a connoisseur he can feel by the water which salts I put in! glad you are both getting better and better x

    1. I so agree, Naomi. This eye thing has freed me up in so many ways. I experiment with salts too. So very healing! Take care and have a lovely weekend. xo

  3. Jen your powers of explanation are so refined, well this is one of the reasons you are such a good writer. Love this post.
    I see this post is a few days old so I'm hoping by now your eye is that much better.
    Miss you and would love to see you soon. I've been preoccupied with homelife and my rascal kids since I returned from holiday. We've had some ill health (youngest) but things are looking up. Isn't the summer weather glorious too? xx

    1. Thank you, Dani. Miss you too! The weather is wonderful and gives a wonderful preview of summer. I hope you had a wonderful time in Italy. Sorry to hear about your daughter's health. I'm glad she is on the mend. xo


Thank you, darling!

Chakras for the Chanel Set

Inspired by Chanel Thank you for your kind inquiries into my health. I was at the surgeon yesterday and the aftercare doctor ran a ...