Quick update

Right eye: fabulous. Left eye: not so much.

On the plus side, I am able to put crystals in bags for my little shop.  It's like occupational therapy, I suppose.

Also, I've sketched out a new novel set in Stepford. This one is funny, which is more my wheelhouse than the intense book I wrote last year. That was was simply therapy. I love how fiction teases out truth; I suppose it's easier to be brave with fake names. Now I just need the eye power to write it all down.

I've dipped into The Handmaid's Tale. It was one of my favourite books in high school and feels shockingly relevant these days. I once had a very long conversation with Margaret Atwood about her LongPen technology. She told me I had wiles. It was, perhaps, the compliment of a lifetime.

Not much else is new with us. Hay House is running it's free online summit right now so there's lots of audio material available. I find listening to podcasts and audio books in the bathtub is one of my favourite new things. There is a blessing in everything: even in botched eyes.

Serena is on the mend too and we are thankfully both off the steroids. We won't be able to attend the Olympics next year, although - with our newfound steroid strength - we'd make one hell of a team.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring. The rain has thankfully tapered off here. We were preparing to build an ark.


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Thank you, darling!

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