Ok, so Harry and Meghan are engaged. How exciting is that!

She's going to make a lovely bride. I'm a huge Suits fan and this is going to inject some much needed global happiness and levity into 2018.

I wonder who will design her dress? She's worn Anne Barge on TV but I don't see that happening in real life.

Hello Magazine has some dress predictions.

I love Carolina Herrera. It's a long shot, but I'd love to see her in something like this.

Only Meghan should stand up straight.

What are your thoughts on her dress?


  1. It's such great news isn't it?! They really make such a stunning couple. Long live love!

  2. Of course she'll look lovely in anything she wears but I agree Carolina Herrera would be stunning! xx

    1. She'll be a lovely bride. I hope she stays away from poof and is allowed clean lines. xx


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