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Engage the Fox: Business Fable about Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team


See Hear Love

  • Canadian Fun Facts
  • How to Make This Your Best Summer Ever
  • Make This Summer About Rest
  • Make This Summer About Renewal 
  • Make This Summer About Family and Friends
  • Make This Summer About Food
  • Make This Summer About Being Present
  • Make This Summer About Being Grateful
  • Make This Summer About Having Fun
  • Make This Summer About Redemption
  • 10 Ways to Feel Better When You're Down
  • My Family Survived 36 Hours Without Wifi
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life
  • September, A New Season
  • In the Season of Courage
  • Finding God in the Mess of Life 
  • Bouncing Back When Life Doesn't Turn Out as Planned 
  • God in My Corner at See Hear Love 
  • Joan Kelley Walker: Real Housewife and Humanitarian
  • Sue Wigston: An Example of Servant Based Leadership
  • After the Storm
  • The Beautiful Spirit of Entrepreneurship - Christal Earle
  • Happy Thanksgiving from See Hear Love
  • Jully Black: Singer, Encourager, Daughter of the King

1010 Park Place

  • Book Club: The Forbidden Garden
  • Let's Stay Home
  • Book Club: I Liked My Life
  • To Blonde or Not Too Blonde
  • The Secret Lives of Wives of Widowers
  • Dating in Midlife
  • How to Never Hate Your Life
  • Book Club: Cruel Beautiful World
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Book Club: They Left Us Everything
  • Holiday Lunch Envy
  • Blending Holiday Style
  • Book Club: Folly Cove
  • Pizza and the Importance of Margin
  • Survival Tips for the Mid-Life Wedding
  • My Eyes are Dim
  • The 1010 Park Place Book Club
  • Searching for a Complete Set of Silverware
  • Life Lessons from the Kitchen
  • Tales from a Convent Convert
  • The Church of Dolly
  • Routine Checkup
  • Why We All Need a Little Real Housewives in Our Lives
  • Lessons in Loss from Cruel Beautiful World
  • Sailing and Other New Tricks
  • The Single Parent Road Trip
  • Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
  • Long Weekend Envy
  • Dealing with Financial Setback
  • Dress for Success
  • Meditate on This
  • The Friendship Test
  • Embracing the Normal Life
  • Life with Boys
  • Don't Hit the Snooze Button on Life
  • Remembering Who You Are
  • The Beauty of Brand New Endings
  • The Front of the Exercise Class Blues
  • How to Prepare for Life's Waves
  • Saving Yourself by Quieting the Inner Princess
  • Moving From Hurt to Happiness

The Huffington Post

  • 10 Ways to Lift Up Your Soul This Summer
  • 10 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Mood
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life
  • 7 Ways to Reignite Your New Years Goals
  • 14 Ways to Enjoy the Cottage (When You Don't Have Access to One)
  • 9 Ways to Form Your Personal Board of Directors
  • How to Move Without Losing Your Mind
  • 10 Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day While Single
  • 11 Ways to Give Yourself a Mid-Winter Boost
  • 12 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays (When You Feel More Like the Grinch)
  • Top 6 Life Lessons from the Great Beyond
  • 8 Surprising Ways to Pull Yourself Out of  Dark Place
  • The Martian Teaches Us About Resilience
  • Don't Quote Me on That
  • The Reversal of Fortune Survival Guide
  • 6 Ways to Live Like a Boss
  • Try This Novel Approach to Business Reading
  • 5 Ways to Preserve Good Habits During a Transition
  • Leadership Skills Learned from Cinderella
  • How to Create a Standout Resume After Being a Stay-at-Home Mom
  • 6 Ways to Own Going Back to Work After an Absence


I have written and edited articles on business strategy, parenting, etiquette, marketing, design, and books for various online and print publications. I have written for Toronto Star, Today's Parent, Sweetmama, Literary Mama, Key Porter, Demeter Press, Federated Press, MUBAR, T.O. Mama, and Dwell on These Things.

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Christmas Traditions: Charitable Gifts from the Heart

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